About me.

Building a better financial (DeFi) future

When I was young, I was homeless. As my family struggled with six figure debt, I grew up sleeping in cars and the back rooms of restaurants. That homelessness has been a pivotal part of my life's journey.

I believe that people live better lives when they have clarity in their finances and that financial security is the bedrock of spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

There is a dearth of impactful financial literacy resources for young folks, especially from first-generation families. And it’s made me passionately empathetic—I never want to see anyone struggle the way I did with hunger and self-doubt. That’s why I’m committed to building a better financial future for all of us.

"Gatito" is a desert cat from the valleys of San Pedro de Atacama. My partner and I found him as an abandoned kitten, surrounded by a pack of stray dogs. He's met many friends in our travels together. Here he is pictured with Amaru and Nahuel at the Ashram, two boys from similar backgrounds as myself. Gatito still lives with me today in Berkeley, CA.
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I've had adventures.

Now, I'm after an uncommonly happy life

Having experienced some lows, I'm not willing to settle for anything less than I can do, be, or give.  What drives me today is taking consistent action towards both my personal growth and physical health, tapping into that personal power to push the limits of what I can build and contribute as a product designer.

Committing to a greater quality of life has given me the courage to do things I could previously only dream of. I have taught improv classes with a New York Time's bestselling author.  I've minimized my possessions, living out of a backpack for one year. I've raised orphan cats, cared for livestock, and built homes out of “caca de vaca” on a Hare Krishna Monastery just south of Peru. I even cut down cornstalk forests with only a machete, in between prayer.

Things I'm into:
The science of habit-formation, meditation, building + riding bikes, cooking (I'm the son of a chef), and taking copious notes. I also enjoy welding like an amateur metallurgist and reading short stories. I'm very fond of triathlons and being in motion because it tames my overly thoughtful mind. I have a personal goal of competing in an Ironman Triathlon and qualifying for the Boston Marathon.